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Billy Bug's Letter Game

Oh no, a gull has spotted Billy Bug and wants to eat him! To scare the bird off and save Billy, you have to descover the hidden word. Get a letter right and the bird stays still... get one wrong and he'll gets closer to Billy until... gulp! All the words are related to the Nature Reserve. Good Luck!

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Crossword Puzzle

Try your best to solve the crossword. Simply click on a square and choose a letter.

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Nature Quiz

Try to answer the following questions. The answers can be found within the site. To see an answer, touch the coloured box.

Q1. Name four berries that can be found within the nature reserve. Q2. What year was Harrington Reservoir declared a 'Local Nature Reserve'? Q3. Who was John Muir and what are the four challenges of the John Muir award? Q4. What are the favourite food plants for the Orange Tip butterfly? Q5. What are the key features to look out for when identifying 'wading' birds? Q6. In 2004, a Scarlet Ibis visited Harrington Nature Reserve. Which part of the world would you normally expect to see this bird? Q7. 'Warblers' are a group of small birds that breed at this nature reserve in the summer. Can you name two of the warblers that regularly visit? Q8. The reservoir was designed and built in 1863. Who built it and what local industry benefited form its construction?
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With grateful thanks to the following organisations for their hard work, support & funding over the years

The Friends of Harrington Nature Reserve logo Allerdale Borough Council logo Cumbria Community Foundation logo English Nature logo Millennium Volunteers logo
Alcan logo Regeneration Workington logo Cumbria County Council logo The Big Lottery Fund logo BTCV logo
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